What Is Nissan iService?

What is iService?

Fuccillo is the ONLY Nissan store in Florida
offering iService FOR FREE

When you visit our Nissan dealership near Orange Park, FL, you'll be treated to a service experience that you won't find anywhere else. Fuccillo Nissan dealerships are the only Nissan stores in Florida that offer video multi-point inspections via iService so you can directly see the condition of your vehicle while it's being serviced. This allows you to have greater confidence when making maintenance decisions. iService is a simple 3-step process that begins the moment you arrive at our dealer: 

Step 1
Visit Fuccillo Nissan of Orange Park, which is an iService dealership.

Step 2
Your Nissan service technician will perform a multi-point inspection and record a video of any issues they discover. Once this is completed, you'll receive a text message with a link to iService.

Step 3
Once in iService you can click on the video and see for yourself the issues the Nissan service tech is recommending be fixed.

With iService we put decision-making capabilities directly into your hands. You can see through your service advisor's eyes and determine what you'd like fixed immediately and what can wait until a later date. Whether you bring in your Nissan Rogue or Altima for service, you'll love the peace of mind that the iService process provides.


What are the Benefits of iService?

Through iService, you'll be able to communicate directly with our service technicians via your cell phone. Two-way text messaging is enabled, and you can even call your service advisor directly if you have any specific questions or would like an update. Curious how much Nissan service will cost? We can deliver digital estimates right to your phone. These features and more help bring our Jacksonville service center into the 21st century while other dealerships are still working in the past.

Learn more about iService, then visit Fuccillo Nissan of Orange Park to schedule a service appointment. iService creates a more transparent process that helps customers and service technicians alike, so don't settle for anything less than what you deserve. Visit our Nissan service center for repairs and maintenance today.

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